giant redwood trees

Botany: Exploring the Giant Redwood Trees 1-lesson Class

How would you like to visit the giant redwood trees? Come on a virtual field trip as we explore these giant beauties! How would you like to hug a giant redwood? Would you ever climb a giant redwood if given the chance? How about, can you tell the difference between the Coast redwood and the Giant sequoia? In this study, we will look at the three redwood giant subfamilies. The study includes the Dawn and Coast Redwood, and the Giant Sequoia trees. We will look at the trees important identification characteristics, habitat, geographic range and redwood record holders (think largest, tallest) through beautiful photographs and videos. Art connections are additionally made with the tree giants. Students also have the opportunity to complete a project for this class about their favorite redwood species and share it with the class via the comments section. If you’ve ever had the chance to meet the redwoods, we’d love to see your pictures and hear about it in the live class or in the comments section of this lesson.  

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