The Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes online class

MathArt: The Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes 3-week Online Unit Study


This 3-lesson unit study features the physics of snow crystal development, famous snow physicists work and the varieties of snowflakes and their geometry. The activity guide that goes along with the presentations include questions for students to journal about regarding the presentation and movie clips found in NatureGlo’s website courseware.

This unique and beautifully illustrated activity guide features one of nature’s most astounding miracles and wonders in science and mathematics. How do snow crystals form? How many different kinds are there? Can scientists make them in the lab? The wonder of snow on a microscopic level is its own world.

Students study famous snow physicists, photographers, and the major snow crystal varieties. Students are given the opportunity to draw and take notes in the activity guide and a suggested journal. Students can learn to design their own virtual snowflakes and choose from varying projects and activities from the study guide and MathArt class Website. I hope you and your students enjoy this snowy resource!

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