MathArt in Ancient Cultures online class

MathArt in Ancient Cultures 6-week Online Unit Study

If you’re struggling and or are burnt out trying to make mathematics come alive for your learners, take the step and join us for the MathArt in Ancient History online class. Meet other homeschoolers around the world for this exciting adventure in mathematics learning connecting math, art and ancient history. Why study mathematics with art, ancient history & nature? Integrating several subjects together yields a “living math” experience for students and broadens and enlivens your home education in various subjects. This not only is a huge time saver but, brings together several cross-curricular connections making learning connect with the real world and therefore more meaningful. Today’s mathematics would not be here today if it weren’t for ancient human wisdom looking at the natural world and making beautiful applications with mathematics and the sciences. *PLEASE NOTE: All classes are taught from a neutral worldview. I do not address origins, either Creation nor Evolution in my direct teaching.  

By joining any of NatureGlo’s 1-year memberships, you’ll gain access to:

1). Video lessons taught by Gloria Brooks aka NatureGlo.

2). Course content Slideshow with accompanying study guide downloads per lesson.

3).  Web resources, project and activity ideas and external resource videos enhancing the class content.

4). Teacher feedback for any comments, questions or work you leave a link to in each lesson’s comments box.

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Course Instructor

Gloria Brooks Gloria Brooks Author

Lesson #1 – Ancient Babylonians & the Plimpton 322

Lesson #2 – Ancient Greek Math & the Platonic Solids

Lesson #3 – Pythagoras & the Music of the Spheres

Lesson #4 – Ancient India’s MathArt: Rangoli, Mandalas & the Story of 1 – 9 & 0

Lesson #5 – Zellige Moroccan Tiles & Other Tessellations

Lesson #6 – Maya MathArt

Student Certificate of Completion and Parent/Student Review for this Class