NatureGlo’s Marine Biology 1-year 5-Class Bundle

NatureGlo’s Marine Biology 1-year 5-Class Bundle

 Please read this carefully!

NatureGlo’s Marine Biology 1-year 5-Classes Bundle is a convenient way to gain access to all five of the NeS Marine Biology 6-week courses. Each of the 6-week courses is offered live once per year, but, students can take any or all of the classes by recording and view the recordings at their convenience during their 1-year access. Check out the Live Class Schedule at the menu at the top of this website to see when the next marine biology course live classes will be.


The following five NeS Marine Biology classes are included in this bundle. They are each 6-weeks long.


Four Fall Sessions:

  1. Oceanography Intro, Marine Plants, and Invertebrates
  2. Dramatic Deep Sea Creatures
  3. Jellies, Mollusks & Whales of the World
  4. Marine Invertebrates and Fish


One Spring Session:

  1. Cephalopods, Marine Turtles, Snakes & Mammals 

  PLEASE NOTE: After you’ve paid for the bundle, you will be able to access all five of the classes right away.   If you have any questions about the Marine Biology class bundle, feel free to send me an email at