Curriculum Reviews

October 9, 2012, Anne reviewed Living Geometry Series: MathArt Intro PowerPoint with a 5-start rating:

“I have been studying these concepts for years in relationship to nature. I have never found anything close to this exceptional presentation. Every math, science and art teacher should work together in a school and use this presentation…”


October 2, 2013, Laura reviewed the Golden Number and Fibonacci 3 PowerPoints & with 2 Study Guides with 5-star rating

“Great powerpoint…”


March 8, 2014, Judith reviewed Circular Patterns in Nature PowerPoint with Study Guide with a 5-star rating:



May 10, 2014, Christine reviewed The Geometric Beauty of Snowflakes with a 5-star rating:

“Absolutely stunning; saved me from having to do the work myself…”


On  January 5, 2016,  Cristina  reviewed MathArtist: Leonardo da Vinci Part I and II with a 5-star review:
“Great for my STEAM class…”
June 7, 2016, TeS Global reviewed Rocks & Minerals: Minerals A – D FREE SAMPLE with 5-star rating:

“Thank you for publishing your resource. We’re excited to feature your resource on TES USA’s Facebook page and Twitter feed…”


Apr 27, 2016, Gail reviewed Fascinating Minerals A to Z 8-lesson Mini Course with a 5-star review:

“I love everything that’s included…I love the power point presentations…my kids do too.”


On July 12, 2016, Jodi reviewed Bubbleology: The Science and Mathematics of Soap Bubbles with a 5-star review:

“I love bubbleology, it is great at the end of the year to keep kids learning…This was a wonderful resource.”